Wednesday, 7th of May.

12,30-14,00 h. Survival English Seminar: Taking the fear out of travelling“. Stages 5 to 12.

14,15-15,45 h. Phonology Seminar: “The Art of Speaking”. Stages 2 to 5.

16,00-17,30 h. Writing Styles Seminar: How to write compositions, emails etc”. St. 3 to 8.


Thursday, 8th of May

17,30-19,00 h. Curriculum Vitae in English: “How to write your CV step by step” St. 5 to 12.


Friday, 9th of May

19,30 -20,30 h. Survival English Seminar:Taking the fear out of travelling“. Stages 2 to 5.



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