Tuesday, 18th of April

Seminar: “Active and Passive Voice”

Many students have been confused by the passive voice. Did you know, for example, that the previous sentence was actually written in the passive voice? If not, our fun activity is for you! Come to our Seneca centre and learn how to construct the passive voice with our helpful seminar.

Stage 5 and above: 16,00 – 17,30 h.

Seminar: “Many, Few, Much and Little”

Come and learn all about quantifiers in English and when to use them.

Stages 2 to 5: 17,30 – 19,00 h.


Wednesday, 19th of April

“Wednesdays with Andy

14,15 – 15,00 h.

Seminar: “Present Perfect”

Are you having problems using the present perfect? Don’t know when to use ‘I have been’ instead of ‘I went’? Don’t worry! Our free, fun seminars are perfect for you.

Stages 4 to 8: 17,30 – 19,00 h.

Thursday, 20th of April

The Conversation Club: “News with Andy”

We will discuss the latest global events in a fun, informative debate. Give your thoughts on what is going on in the world today. English-language newspapers will be provided in very session.

Stage 5 and above: 14,15 – 15,45 h.

Pronunciation Seminar: “Phonology and the Art of Speaking”

Come and learn everything you always wanted to know about English pronunciation and the International Phonetic Alphabet!

Stages 1 to 5: 20,30 – 22,00 h.