Monday, 11th of July

«Mondays with Andy»

11,00 – 12,00 h.


Tuesday, 12th of July

Pronunciation Seminar: «Phonology and the Art of Speaking».

Stages 1 to 5: 15,30 – 17,00 h.


Wednesday, 13th of July

«Elementary Conversation Club with Alex»

Stages 1 to 5: 13,00 – 14,30 h.

«Active and Passive Voice Seminar».

Stages 5 to 10: 17,00 – 18,30 h.


Thursday, 14th of July

«Many, Few, Much and Little Seminar»

Stages 2 to 5: 11,00 – 12,30 h.

«Wine and Conversation Club with Alex»

Stages 5 to 10: 19,00 – 20,30 h.

Friday, 15th of July

«Friday Conversation Club on the Beach»

Something different for the summer – come and join the Callan Team as we cordially welcome you to our Summer Conversation Club On The Beach. Enjoy the opportunity to practise your English in a relaxed and laid-back enviroment while listening to the sound of the waves! Refreshments will be served!

All students welcome: 18,00 h.


Weekly activities