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Callan School of English is the only official academy that offers English courses with the Callan Method in the province of Barcelona

Learn English in Barcelona at your own pace: presential classes and online courses

More than 30,000 students have attended our classes and speak English fluently

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Why study English at our English academy in Barcelona?


The courses in Callan School are made up of an average of 5-6 students per class (maximum 10)

Flexible Timetable
Flexible Timetable

Choose the most comfortable time for you between 10.30 a.m and 10.00 p.m and change it as many times as you need.

Native teachers
Native teachers

The method uses native teachers from different parts of the world so that you can learn to distinguish different accents.

English four times quicker
English four times quicker

With English courses in the Callan Method you don't have to travel abroad in order to learn English.

Advantages of the Callan method to learn English in our language school

  • You will never be silent doing reading comprehension tests or grammar exercises.
  • You speak English all the time and we correct any mistakes you make.
  • You learn very quickly, each Callan class is a total immersion in the language.
  • There are no quiet times to get bored or lose focus.
  • With the Callan method classes, we make sure that in each lesson you increase the vocabulary and structures that you do not know and that will allow you to improve fluency and confidence from the first day. Free conversation, in which you only use the English you already know and feel safe with, does not allow you to go beyond your comfort zone.
  • All our academic staff is highly qualified for teaching the language

An English academy backed by more than 30 years of experience

Callan School is one of the best English academies in Barcelona. Since 1990, thousands of students have learned English with our language classes in our classrooms on Vía Augusta and Carrer Séneca, now also online from home, with one of the fastest methods of learning English: the Callan method.

A unique teaching method with 19 levels, which is taught in English academies like ours in hundreds of cities around the world.

The Callan method allows you to learn English easier and faster. From 100% participatory English classes, based on repetition and constant correction, you will understand and speak English very quickly and naturally, almost without realizing it.

In our academy we have the best classrooms to work in small groups. No books, no grammar…. just listening and answering your teacher’s questions.

All our teachers are native speakers and experts in the Callan method to guarantee you the best quality of teaching with participatory and fun English classes.

If you want to get to know our English school in Barcelona, ​​you can visit us (we are near the L5 metro at Diagonal y Gracia de los Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat station) or you can call us at 93 415 54 52 and we will inform you about our face to face and online English courses.

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Marc Barbena

Without a doubt, one of the best academies.

Marc Barbena
Georgina Garí

100% effective method to learn English and put it into practice from day one.

Georgina Garí

Do a level test for free in our school and we will inform you about the course that is most suitable for you!

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