When you are confronted with learning a new language, or taking it up again, you will have to take to a level test. At least, you should do so, as it is always a good idea for various reasons we will consider in this article.
We know that many people are reluctant to go through this process: anything that seems like or reminds one of an «exam» always generates a certain amount of anxiety. However, understanding the reasons why we need to take these level tests will help us to accept them more readily.

Have you at last decided to learn English? Do you know for sure where you are starting from? Would you say categorically that your level was zero?

Are you going to take up studying English again? Have you been able to continue practising regularly since you finished studying the last time? Are you certain that you will easily be able to continue from the exact same point where you left off?

Have you opted for Callan School after failing with other methods? Do you wonder if in your previous studies you were in the right class that corresponded to your true level? Do you know what your current level is with respect to the scale used by the Council of Europe (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages?

Are you thinking of preparing for an official English exam? Is it your aim to work abroad? Based on your current knowledge, how far along the road would you say you were towards facing the challenge?
The answers to all these questions is to take a level test with us.


As we have seen, it is a good idea to perform a level test (and we say level test, not exam) that allows you, as a student, and us as a school, to determine where the starting point of your studies with us will be.

But in addition, it will serve to:

• DISCOVER your real level of English, not just an estimate or approximation.
• DETECTES los aspectos débiles y fuertes de tu inglés, desterrando incorrecciones y afianzando conocimientos.
• FIND OUT where you are in your English-learning journey and what distance you are from reaching your goals, whatever they may be.
• JOIN a group who have exactly the same level as you, which will allow you to improve your English without getting discouraged or being incorrectly placed.
• TRY the methodology out and judge its usefulness for yourself. At Callan School, we dedicate the final minutes of the test to a practical demonstration of what the method is like in the classroom.
• BE satisfied with your choice. Do not waste your money and avoid unnecessary disappointments by knowing exactly what it is you are paying for.



At Callan School we will always recommend you to take a level test before doing any of our courses, either because you are a new student and you do not know the method, or because you have not practised your English with us for some time. In any case, starting one of our programs without the certainty of receiving the proper tuition at your current level of knowledge, would be, at least, a risk. It would harm you as a student and speak very little of our rigor and professionalism.

In Callan School we are here to help you to move forward without obstacles and to reach your goals. Request your totally free level test with no obligation, and come and get to know us!

C. Fernández
Translation: J. Crowley

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