Black sheep – if you’re the black sheep of the family, you’re a member of the family who is in disgrace, or is felt to be worthless. Nowadays, it can also mean that you’re very different to the rest of your family, but that isn’t used as much as its other meaning.

‘After spending all the inheritance on alcohol and gambling after the death of his mother, Robert was seen as the black sheep of the family and didn’t speak to them for many years.’

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Golden boy – A young man seen to have a very special skill and idolized by a particular person or group of people. Note that there is no female equivalent.

‘He’s the company’s golden boy. He can never do anything wrong; the boss loves him and I don’t know why because he doesn’t ever do any work.’

‘The golden boy of Wimbledon this summer was indisputably Andy Murray.’

Tickled pink — To be tickled pink means you are very pleased about something.

‘Janice was tickled pink when she saw the handbag Peter had bought for her; she had been wanting it for a few months.’

‘I’m tickled pink with my new flat. I can’t believe how much I love living there. I should have moved out of my parents’ house earlier!’

Off-colour — If you’re feeling off-colour, you’re not feeling very well, or are not feeling your best.

‘He’s been off-colour for a few days. It’s ever since we tried that new Thai restaurant, so I’ve a funny feeling he might have got food poisoning.’

See red — Someone who sees red is incredibly angry, all of a sudden. Generally extreme anger, when one feels so strongly that logic and all other emotions are no longer part of the equation!

‘Julie saw red when she discovered her husband had been having an affair — she immediately threw all his clothes out of the window.’

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