14,15 — 15,00 h.


Tuesday, 3rd of May

Seminar: «How To Use Conditionals»

Learn all about sentences with the word ‘if’; how they are formed, when they are used and the differences between them. Practise speaking about certainty, real possibility, present and past suppositions in this illuminating seminar!

Stages 4 to 8: 14,15 — 15,45 h.


Seminar: «Many, Few, Much and Little»

Come and learn all about quantifiers in English and when to use them.

Stages 2 to 5: 19,00 — 20,30 h.


Wednesday, 4th of May

«The Conversation Club with Ed»

How boring would life be if we never gave our opinion about something. Come to the Conversation Club to learn and practise speaking in a friendly and informative environment!.

Stages 7 to 15: 17,30 — 18,30 h.


Seminar: «How To Survive in English at Work»

Come to our seminar to learn some helpful tips to help you use your English effectively in the world of work.

Stages 5 to 15: 19,00 — 20,30 h.


Friday, 6th of May

Seminar: «Curriculum Vitae in English»

This seminar focuses on how to write an English CV with useful language, verbs and phrases. Practise interview, questions and techniques and how to write a cover letter.

Stages 4 to 15: 13,00 — 14,30 h.


Weekly activities

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