Conversation: «Tea with Tom»

Stages 5 to 10: 17,30 — 18,30 h.


Seminar: «Telephone English»

If you still have problems using your English on the telephone, come to our free seminar to learn how to improve your telephone skills.

Stages 3 to 8: 19,00 — 20,30 h.


Thursday, 3rd of November


Seminar: «Many, Few, Much and Little»

Come and learn all about quantifiers in English and when to use them.

Stages 2 to 5: 14,15 — 15,45 h.


Seminar: «How To Do Compositions»

A seminar to help you to improve your written English and compose better letters, emails and reports.

Stages 5 to 10: 17,30 — 19,00 h.


Conversation Club: «Elementary Conversation Club»

Stages 1 to 5: 19,00 — 20,30 h.


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