One of the most common reasons people study English is for work. On the phone, in emails, or speaking with clients-there are many situations when we need to speak English at work.

LBusiness English courses prepare you for the challenges of using English at work and give you the confidence to succeed!


What is a Business English course?

A Business English course improves your English in work situations. It specializes in business-related vocabulary.

Qualified teachers guide students through work-related conversations and situations. These include presentations, interviews, emailing, and much more.


How is a Business English course different from a traditional English course?

A Business English course is ideal for students who want to feel more confident at work. The material taught in a Business English course is not generic; it is specialized.

The vocabulary you learn is the kind used in offices and meetings around the world.

You will practice presentations and interviews, and you will learn about marketing and business jargon.


Is it better to do a Business English course in person or online?

This is a question of personal preference. Some people prefer a traditional classroom setting, while others have no problem learning online.

Language schools offer high-quality online lessons, which give students a chance to use the latest technology in their learning experience.

Another thing to consider: due to the Covid-19 pandemic, online lessons offer a safe and convenient way to learn Business English.


Is a Business English course right for me?

A Business English course gives students the tools required to succeed in business environments.

Do you want to feel more comfortable and more confident when using English at work? Would you like to know business terminology, expressions and idioms?

Sign up for a Business English course and get the tools to succeed!


A. Edstrom
Callan Team

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