Monday, 7th of September

«Mondays with Andy».

Any doubts about your course? Andy is ready to help you…

19,00 — 20,00 h.

Tuesday, 8th of September

«Present Perfect Seminar»

Are you having problems using the present perfect? Don’t know when to use ‘I have been’ instead of ‘I went’? Don’t worry! Our free, fun seminars are perfect for you.

Stages 5 to 8: 13,00 — 14,30 h.

Wednesday, 9th of September

Conversation Club: «Tea with Emily»

Stages 4 to 8: 17,00 — 18,00 h.

Thursday, 10th of September

Conversation Club: «News with Emily»

We will discuss the latest global events in a fun, informative debate. Give your thoughts on what is going on in the world today. English-language newspapers will be provided in very session

Stages 3 to 6: 14,00 — 15,00 h.

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