Tips to Succeed in a Job Interview in English

Job interviews can be stressful, and even more so in a foreign language. But if you are well prepared, you will see that the interview is nothing to fear.

How to pass an interview in English?

Here are some tips for succeeding at a job interview in English.


  • Know the company
    • One of the most important things the interviewer wants to see is that you’re interested in the job and company. It’s important to do your research. Before the interview, read about the company’s history, their goals, management style and company culture (in English, if possible!).


  • Job listing
    • Familiarize yourself with the job listing. You must know exactly what the requirements of the job are, what your responsibilities will be, who you’ll be working with, etc. This is another way to demonstrate your interest in the position. Practice speaking about these things to yourself or a friend in English.


  • Skills and experience
    • Make sure your skills and experience match those requested in the job listing! Read and re-read your resume so that you can remember and talk about anything in it with ease. Focus on the skills and experience relevant to the position.


  • Common interview questions
    • Search for common interview questions online. When you do the search, do it in English! This will be very good practice.

      There are many websites that give examples of interview questions you are most likely to be asked, and some websites even give example answers. We must be prepared to answer the interviewer’s questions!


  • Speak!
    • Practice speaking about your skills, experience, and why you are the right candidate for the job. It’s one thing to read the job listing and your resume to yourself, and it’s another thing altogether to speak about them out loud.

      Don’t worry if it feels stressful or unnatural at first. Start practicing early, and it’ll get easier and easier!


  • Questions of your own
    • Prepare some questions to ask the interviewer. This is an important step to take near the end of the interview. Beyond addressing some doubts you may have, it shows your genuine interest in the job, which the interviewer will notice and appreciate.


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