Callan Barcelona, te invita a participar en las actividades que se desarrollarán del 24 al 27 de abril de 2017.

Si estás interesado en alguna de nuestras actividades, por favor, inscríbete en recepción.


Monday, 24th of April

«Mondays with Andy»

Any doubts about your course? Andy is ready to help you…

14,15 – 15,00 h.


Seminar: «How To Do Compositions»

A seminar to help you to improve your written English and compose better letters, emails and reports.

Stages 3 to 5: 20,30 – 22,00 h.


Tuesday, 25th of April

Pronunciation Seminar: «Phonology and the Art of Speaking»

Come and learn everything you always wanted to know about English pronunciation and the International Phonetic Alphabet!

Stages 1 to 5: 14,15 – 15,45 h.


«Conversation Social Club»

This is YOUR CHANCE to have your say!

Stage 5 and above: 17,30 – 19,00 h.


Wednesday, 26th of April

Seminar: Conversation Club: «Shopping and Socializing»

Come and learn how to deal with common situations involving buying, selling and getting to know people.

Stages 3 to 6: 11,00 – 12,30 h.


Seminar: «Many, Few, Much and Little»

Come and learn all about quantifiers in English and when to use them.

Stages 2 to 5: 14,15 – 15,45 h.


Seminar: «Telephone in English»

If you still have problems using your English on the telephone, come to our free seminar to learn how to improve your telephone skills.

Stages 4 to 8: 17,30 – 19,00 h.


Seminar: «How To Use Conditionals»

Learn all about sentences with the word ‘if’; how they are formed, when they are used and the differences between them. Practise speaking about certainty, real possibility, present and past suppositions in this illuminating seminar!

Stages 4 to 8: 19,00 – 20,30 h.


Callan Debate: This is the News…»

We will discuss the latest global events in a fun, informative debate. Give your thoughts on what is going on in the world today. English-language newspapers will be provided in very session.

Stage 5 and above: 20,30 – 22,00 h.


Thursday, 27th of April

Seminar: «How To Survive in English at Work»

Come to our seminar to learn some helpful tips to help you use your English effectively in the world of work.

Stage 5 and above: 14,15 – 15,45 h.


«Elementary Conversation Club»

Come and chat about all sorts.

Stages 1 to 4: 20,30 – 22,00 h.