Monday, 24th of April

“Mondays with Andy”

Any doubts about your course? Andy is ready to help you…

14,15 – 15,00 h.


Seminar: “How To Do Compositions”

A seminar to help you to improve your written English and compose better letters, emails and reports.

Stages 3 to 5: 20,30 – 22,00 h.


Tuesday, 25th of April

Pronunciation Seminar: “Phonology and the Art of Speaking”

Come and learn everything you always wanted to know about English pronunciation and the International Phonetic Alphabet!

Stages 1 to 5: 14,15 – 15,45 h.


“Conversation Social Club”

This is YOUR CHANCE to have your say!

Stage 5 and above: 17,30 – 19,00 h.


Wednesday, 26th of April

Seminar: Conversation Club: “Shopping and Socializing”

Come and learn how to deal with common situations involving buying, selling and getting to know people.

Stages 3 to 6: 11,00 – 12,30 h.


Seminar: “Many, Few, Much and Little”

Come and learn all about quantifiers in English and when to use them.

Stages 2 to 5: 14,15 – 15,45 h.


Seminar: “Telephone in Englihs”

If you still have problems using your English on the telephone, come to our free seminar to learn how to improve your telephone skills.

Stages 4 to 8: 17,30 – 19,00 h.


Seminar: “How To Use Conditionals”

Learn all about sentences with the word ‘if’; how they are formed, when they are used and the differences between them. Practise speaking about certainty, real possibility, present and past suppositions in this illuminating seminar!

Stages 4 to 8: 19,00 – 20,30 h.


Callan Debate: This is the News…”

We will discuss the latest global events in a fun, informative debate. Give your thoughts on what is going on in the world today. English-language newspapers will be provided in very session.

Stage 5 and above: 20,30 – 22,00 h.


Thursday, 27th of April

Seminar: “How To Survive in English at Work”

Come to our seminar to learn some helpful tips to help you use your English effectively in the world of work.

Stage 5 and above: 14,15 – 15,45 h.


“Elementary Conversation Club”

Come and chat about all sorts.

Stages 1 to 4: 20,30 – 22,00 h.