Why should I take a course to learn to speak English?


If you don’t speak English, or if you would like to improve your level of English, there are many good reasons to take an English course.


6 Reasons to Take an English Course


1) Study abroad

Do you want to do an exchange program or study abroad? Most high schools and universities require candidates to have a good level of English. This way they can understand their teachers, their host family, and make friends.


2) Official exam

Do you need an English exam certificate? It could be for many reasons: studying abroad, working in a foreign country, immigrating to another country. Exam preparation courses can help you prepare for your official English exam.


3) Work

Whether you are looking for a job, hoping for a promotion to upper management, or have the desire to work in another country, English is often an absolute must. It is the dominant language in the business world.


4) Travel

As English is the ‘international language,’ it is important to be able to speak it if you want to travel comfortably. Almost all hotel employees speak English, and most restaurants have menus in English available.


5) Socializing

It is no secret that English is known as the ‘universal language’. A Spaniard and a Frenchman meet in Japan; which language do they use to communicate with each other? English, of course!
Meeting people and making new friends in foreign countries is much easier when you speak English!


6) Internet

Needless to say, we can find information on the Internet in any language. However, when it comes to things like academic articles, the entertainment industry, and tourism and travel, the majority of the information available is in English. Don’t miss out!


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