12,30 – 13,30 h.


Wednesday, 10th of February

“Elementary Conversation Club with Andy”

Come and chat about all sorts.

Stages 1 to 4: 16,00 – 17,30 h.


Thursday, 11th of January

Seminar: “How To Survive in English at Work”.

Stages 4 to 10: 12,30 – 14,00 h.


Seminar: “Active and Passive Voice”.

Many students have been confused by the passive voice. Did you know, for example, that the previous sentence was actually written in the passive voice? If not, our fun activity is for you! Come to our Seneca centre and learn how to construct the passive voice with our helpful seminar.

Stages 5 to 12: 19,00 – 20,30 h.


Weekly activities

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