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John is speaking to Richard. Richard is speaking to John. We can say that John and Richard are speaking to each other. The hotel faces the shoe shop. The shoe shop faces the hotel. Therefore we can say that the hotel and the shoe shop face each other. We use the phrase “each other” when two people or things do something to or for the other. Let’s say I need help from my friend, and I know that I can help my friend with a problem of his. In this case, I could say to my friend: “I think we can help each other.”

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“One another”is used in exactly the same way, but we use it when referring to a group of three or more people or things. Let’s imagine we are referring to a class of ten students. During the lesson, the students speak to one another in Japanese. Spain does business with Portugal. Portugal does business with Italy. Italy does business with Germany. The countries of Europe do business with one another. Just like the example above about friends helping each other; if we are referring to a group of seven people, one of them can say to the others: “I think we can help one another.”
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