Why choose Callan School? Because our accelerated, practice-oriented method will help you to speak English more quickly, and you will notice the results from day 1.

Is our Intensive English course for the unemployed right for you?

If you are currently unemployed, and you want to improve your chances of getting a job, at Callan School we have an English course which is specifically designed to help you make the most of your time while unemployed. The time has come for you to start speaking English the way you´ve always dreamed about.

We offer you the chance to learn the English you need more quickly. How? By using a stimulating teaching method based on assimilating reviewing, listening, speaking, reading and writing. You´ll be surprised at how much you can learn in 60 hours!

We don´t want you to just learn the grammar, we want you to speak and think in English, and we will help you to achieve this.

Our Intensive English course for the unemployed is right for you if:

  • You want to make good use of your time while unemployed by learning English.
  • You want to learn or improve your English in order to have more and better job opportunities.
  • You want to SPEAK English fluently once and for all.
  • You need a stimulating, practice-oriented teaching method which won´t waste your time, and will help you make good progress, whatever your level.
  • You have never been able to improve your level of English before.

Our Intensive English course for the unemployed offers you:

  • Results right from the start.
  • A 100% practice-oriented focus.
  • Accelerated conversational method.
  • Courses for all levels.
  • Small groups.
  • Native teachers.
  • Payment plan: 3 months interest-free financing.

When can I register?

The next Intensive English course for the unemployed in Barcelona starts every Monday.

The course lasts for a minimum of three months.

You will have to take a free level test before starting so we can assign you to the right class.

You can also start the course on any Monday, depending on your level, and subject to availability of places.


1st Quarter Name
04/10/2018 ›› 19/12/2018 60-hour Intensive English Course
for the Unemployed
2nd Quarter Name
09/01/2019 ›› 21/03/2019 60-hour Intensive English Course
for the Unemployed

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