¿Why study Spanish with Callan School? Because with our accelerated method you can learn more quickly, speak Spanish from the very first day and you don’t have to settle for just memorizing lots of grammar rules without using them.

Stop studying and start speaking!

Are our private and semi-private Spanish classes for you?

If you want to learn faster and require a personalized course, our private and semi-private Spanish Courses are what you need. Private Spanish classes with a teacher dedicated exclusively to you.

Our private Spanish Courses are private Spanish courses specially designed for those who need to learn at their own pace and require 100% personalized attention to progress much faster. With the Callan Method and your own private teacher you will speak Spanish from the very first day.

Our semi-private Courses are for two students with a similar level who want to share a teacher. In this way, both can enjoy personalized attention speed up the learning process and get the most out of every moment of every class.

Who will you share your 1-to-2 Spanish course with? You can study with a friend, a co-worker, your partner or a family member, although we will of course ensure beforehand that you both have the same level. It is very important that both students have the same level in order to get the maximum benefit from the course.

Our private and semi-private Spanish classes are for you if:

  • You would like to make the most out of every moment of your time.
  • You need to learn Spanish as quickly as possible.
  • You require 100% personalized attention.
  • You are starting from scratch but you want to make progress fast.
  • You already know some Spanish, but you would like to be able to speak it fluently.
  • You are looking for a method that gets quick results and will keep you motivated.
  • You have already studied lots of Spanish grammar but find you still can’t speak Spanish the way you would like to.
  • You need a flexible timetable that is tailored to your needs.

No more wasting time with thousands of grammar exercises and methods that do not work. With our private and semi-private Spanish classes you will make more progress in less time thanks to our fun and hands-on method (based on listening, speaking, reviewing, absorbing, reading and writing).

With our private and semi-private Spanish classes in Barcelona we offer you

  • Results from the very first class.
  • Flexibility so you can choose how many hours you want to do per week (e.g. 3 hours, 6 hours etc).
  • A native teacher just for you.
  • 100% practical approach.
  • A fun and hands-on methodology.
  • An accelerated conversational method.
  • All levels.
  • The option to recover missed or cancelled classes at another time (see general conditions).

When can I enroll?

Our 1-to-1 and 1-to-2 Spanish Courses begin in Barcelona every Monday.

Before you start your classes, we always test your current Spanish level either in person here at the school or via Skype. The test is completely free and comes no strings attached.