One teacher just for you and another student with the same level. The fun and easy way to learn English faster.

Why choose Callan School? Because you will start speaking English from the first day, and not just learn lots of grammar you don´t know how to use.

Are our two-student classes right for you?

Our 30-hour One to Two course has been specifically designed for students who want personalized lessons so they can progress much faster. You will share the class with another student who has the same level, so that you can get the most out of every second of class.

Who will you share the classes with? You can come with a friend, or a member of your family. In this case we will have to check that you both have the same level, as this is essential for a successful class.

Our two-student English classes are right for you if:

  • You want more personalised classes, but you don´t want to be on your own and would prefer to share with someone.
  • You want to get the most out of the classes, as you would in a one to one class, but you would prefer not to pay as much each month.
  • You need a teaching method that really motivates you, so you notice how quickly you are progressing.
  • You are fed up with learning lots of grammar, but not being able to speak English the way you want to.
  • You want to speak English fluently, without feeling embarrassed.

Our goal is for you to speak English quickly, fluently and effectively. In our one-to-two classes you will learn much more quickly, using a 100% practice-oriented method based on assimilating, reviewing,  listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Our two-student English course in Barcelona offers you the following:

  • Results right from the start.
  • A native English teacher just for you and another student with the same level.
  • A 100% practice-oriented focus.
  • A fun and enjoyable methodology.
  • Accelerated conversational method.
  • Courses for all levels.
  • Flexible schedules.
  • Catch-up classes for missed lessons.
  • Payment plan: 3 months interest-free financing.
  • Free Callan Club activities in any of our programs: Seminars, Conversation Clubs, Official Exam Preparation, Practice for job interview and CV preparation, Presentations, Survival Classes in English and much more!

When can I register?

The next 30-hour One to Two English course in Barcelona starts every Monday.

You will have to take a free test before starting so we can find out what your level of English is.



Monthly: payment in 3 months financed without interest.
(Price per person)