Is our Extensive Online Spanish Course for you?

If your problem is lack of time, at Callan School we have a specially designed option so you can move forward and do not have to keep putting off your need to learn or improve your Spanish.

Our Extensive Online Spanish Course is for you if:

  • You need to make the most of the time you have available.
  • You need a flexible timetable.
  • You have gained a lot of theoretical knowledge but you need to put it into practice, learn to speak fluently and keep moving forward.
  • You need a method that allows you to make progress quickly, whatever your level.
  • You want a guarantee that the time you invest will be rewarded with tangible results.

With a methodology based on listening, speaking, reviewing, absorbing, reading and writing, our Extensive Spanish Courses are the stress-free option you have been looking for to learn and make progress. It is the practical approach you need so you can take advantage of every minute.

With our Extensive Online Spanish Course in Barcelona we offer you:

  • Flexible timetables.
  • The option to recover missed or cancelled classes at another time (see terms and conditions).
  • A 100% practical approach.
  • An accelerated conversational method.
  • Courses for all levels.
  • Small groups (maximum 10 students).
  • Native teachers.

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How do you enroll on this course?

The Callan Extensive Spanish course begins every Monday.

You can start one of our Extensive Spanish Courses any Monday of the year providing there is space available.

First, we will need to give you a free Spanish level test so that we can place you in exactly the right class.

1st Quarter Name
11/10/2019 ›› 18/12/2019 Online Spanish Course
30-Hour Extensive Course
2nd Quarter Name
13/01/2020 ›› 24/03/2020 Online Spanish Course
30-Hour Extensive Course
3rd Quarter Name
27/03/2019 ›› 20/06/2019 Online Spanish Course
30-Hour Extensive Course

Monthly: payment in 3 months financed without interest.