Why learn English with Callan School? Because we are not content with teaching you English, we want you to get out of here knowing how to speak English.

Are our online One-to-Two English classes for you?

If private English classes or group classes do not convince you, in Callan we have an option just for you. One to Two 60 hours Online is an intensive English course for two people only. Another student of your same level and you will have a native teacher just for you so that you can advance faster and take advantage of every minute.

With whom will you share the ONLINE classes? You can come with whoever you want, but first we must verify that you have the same level. This is a fundamental requirement.

Our intensive English course for two is for you if:

  • You want more personalized attention.
  • You want to make the most of the time, as you would with private lessons, but you are interested in paying less per month.
  • You are looking for a different learning method that really motivates you so that classes are not an “obligation”.
  • You want to move faster and notice your progress in practice.
  • You accumulate a lot of theory but you don’t know how to speak English as you would like.
  • You want to learn English once and for all.
  • With our intensive English classes for two One to Two 60 hours Online we guarantee that you will learn in much less time and that you will speak English from the first day. How? With a 100% practical methodology based on listening, speaking, reviewing, assimilating, reading and writing.

In our One to Two 60 hours course we offer you:

  • Results from the first class.
  • A native teacher just for you and another student of your level.
  • 100% practical approach to classes.
  • An agile and fun methodology.
  • Accelerated conversational method.
  • Courses for all levels.
  • Recovery of classes (maximum of two per course).
  • Payment facilities: three-month financing without interest.
  • Rotation of teachers to learn and understand the different accents.
  • Classes online with our own Callan Method platform.
  • Material (book or Ebook, E learning Platform and App with hundreds of interactive exercises and Audios of the classes) included.
  • Free Callan Club activities in any of our programs: Seminars, Conversation Clubs, Official Exam Preparation, Practice for job interview and CV preparation, Presentations, Survival Classes in English and much more!

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When can I enroll?

Our One To Two 60 hours course in Barcelona starts every Monday .

Beforehand, we will give you and your classmate level tests to make sure that of your levels and that you are in the same level.

Mensual: pago en 3 meses financiado sin intereses.
(Precios por persona)