Why study Spanish with Callan? Because we do not just teach you grammar, we teach you how to actually speak Spanish and we help you to do it in less time.

Our accelerated conversational method makes the most of your time and helps you really learn to speak Spanish, not just memorize grammar rules that you cannot use directly. The six levels of the Callan Spanish Course take you from beginner to intermediate level, where you will be able to communicate freely in Spanish and, if you wish, prepare your CEFR B1 exam.

The Callan Spanish Course is suitable for all types of students and is carefully designed so that you can practise and gain confidence in the more challenging aspects of Spanish (such as gender of nouns, verb endings and use of pronouns) while enjoying our dynamic and stimulating Callan lessons.

The Callan Method is a teaching method created specifically to improve your Spanish in an intensive environment. The teacher asks questions constantly, so you listen and use the language to the fullest. When you speak during the lesson, the teacher corrects your grammar and pronunciation errors, and you learn a lot from these corrections.

The Callan Spanish Course teaches vocabulary and Spanish grammar in a carefully programmed manner, with methodical revision and reinforcement activities. During the class, we practise speaking and listening a lot, but reading and writing are also worked on, so you can review and consolidate what you have learned.

With the Callan Spanish Course, the teacher speaks quickly so that you learn to understand spoken Spanish at a normal speed, and this also means that everyone is very focused at all times.

The Callan Spanish Course is a quick and effective method of learning to speak Spanish. It is specifically designed to improve your listening and speaking skills in a warm and dynamic environment.

Spanish classes with Callan are easy and fun!