The only official English language school that uses the Callan Method in Barcelona

We started the Callan School Barcelona Academy over 23 years ago, although it seems like only yesterday!

A long time has passed since then, but we still have the same enthusiasm and commitment as when we opened the only official English Academy that uses the Callan Method  in the province of Barcelona. A method which has revolutionised English language learning, and is based on a stimulating and enjoyable teaching method which is 100% practice-oriented.

At first our students were surprised by our teaching method, as it was completely different to the methods used by other English language schools in Barcelona. However, since there is no publicity better for a school than satisfied students, the Callan Method quickly gained fame as an innovative system that helps students to obtain real results in record time, and which can even make learning English fun!

Why learn English at Callan School Barcelona?

It has been demonstrated that students learn more and achieve better results in a relaxed and friendly environment, and when the learning process is enjoyable and motivating.

We do not just want you to learn English. We want you to become fluent in English the way you have always wanted, and even think in English as well. We also want to make sure you make the most of your time by helping you achieve these goals very quickly, so you don´t get stuck at your current level of English.

This is why all our native English teachers have specialised in the Callan Method to ensure you get the most out of each lesson, and are motivated by the progress you are making with classes that are never dull or boring. This is our goal!

Our Academy has grown thanks to your trust in us

Our small English Academy has steadily grown and expanded thanks to the confidence of our students, and many hours of hard work. Callan School Barcelona now has more teachers, more classrooms, and a wider range of schedules to meet all your needs, and provide you with all the resources you need.

We now have two schools, both of which are in the centre of Barcelona. The first is in Vía Augusta 6 and the second (the new school) is in Séneca 33.

Practice English outside the classroom

Do you want to do more than just learn English in a classroom? That´s good, because you should take advantage of every opportunity to practice your English.

This is why we suggest you take part in the English activities arranged by the Callan Club for outside class: films in English, themed activities, dinners in English etc. You won´t have any excuse for not practicing English outside the classroom!

Visit us and see if you would you like to learn English with us.