bienvenida directora
Silvia Perello (Barcelona Callan School Director) and Mr. Robin Callan (Callan Method Creator and President of Callan Method Organisation)

Dear Visitors,

It gives me great pleasure to warmly welcome you to the Callan School Barcelona website, which I hope will prove useful to you.

The Callan Method was introduced to Barcelona 32 years ago to respond to the demand of thousands of professionals who felt the need to discover a new, much more dynamic and effective way of learning to speak English.

All of us at Callan School know how much speaking English matters in the world today. Job opportunities pass us by because (among other reasons) our language skills – and especially our English level – are always of primary interest to any company, both in our country and abroad.

Our English courses, taught in Barcelona and in hundreds of cities worldwide, are now a model example for teaching English to non-natives due to their innovative and creative nature.

Courses at Callan School English academies are very well-structured, implementing the Callan Method in a diligent, motivating and effective manner.

Callan Method teachers in Barcelona are chosen from among the best teachers in the field. We always look for teachers who have a high level of professionalism, provide excellent work, strictly follow the principles of the Callan Method and encourage our students to speak English from the first day in a very practical and enjoyable way.

This message is to present the Callan English School Barcelona website, where the various aspects of this prestigious and world-renowned method of learning to speak English are explained in more detail.

May I also take the opportunity to extend an invitation to everybody who has the need to speak English, and to encourage you to book a Callan Method level test – completely free of charge and without any obligation to enrol.

We’d be delighted for you to become a member of our Facebook page, whether you are a student, future student or just want to be informed about school events, free sessions in Callan School Barcelona´s “Conversation Club” and everything to do with the world of English.

I could not say goodbye without thanking the many people who have been through our English language schools in Barcelona, thanks to whose faith in us and satisfaction with the results they achieved, we can continue to work with the same enthusiasm as the first day.

Kind regards,

Silvia Perelló