Summer English Courses – Review of the main stages
Summer 2022

Take advantage of this summer to review the main levels of the Callan Method with our exclusive Full Method Revision Intensive Course

This summer, immerse yourself in a review of the main levels of the Callan Method. We have four types of courses:

  • Review course Stages 1 to 4
  • Review course Stages 4 to 7
  • Review course Stages 5 to 8
  • Review course Stages 9 to 12

If you have studied with us, these new refresher courses will reinforce all the knowledge you have acquired in the stages that you have already taken.

Have you studied english before and forgotten some things but don’t want to have to study it all over again?
Would you like to be able to quickly refresh your knowledge of key English grammar points in a supportive learning enviroment and constant practice?

If this sounds familiar, then our course might be just what you are looking for. In our 16 hour mini-intensive course come and join us to recover your level with Callan and really get to grips with English again.

Now in Presential or Live Videoconference!

When can I enroll in the course?

Callan Full Method Revision Courses start on the following dates:

  • Intensive July 2022: every Monday
  • Intensive September 2022: September 1, 2022.

Course Start Dates

July course 2022 Name
04/07/2022 ›› 28/07/2022 Summer English Course Review
of the main Stages
September course 2022 Name
05/09/2022 ›› 29/09/2022 Summer English Course Review
of the main Stages