Director of the School

Directora de la academia Callan School

Sílvia Perelló

Plans the courses and selects the best educational resources to develop and support all the aspects involved in learning a language, guided by the profile of our students.

Coordinator of Studies

Jefe de estudios de Callan School

Joe Crowley

Responsible for planning the courses and supervising the development of each student and group. Advises and supervises the teachers. He is up-to-date with all the educational material that comes onto the market, through the national and international press. He makes a point of investigating and selecting the best new means of learning (videos, PC programs, CD-Rom) to use as course support material.

English Teachers Callan School Barcelona

All teachers are qualified in teaching English as a Foreign Language to adults and we also have specialized Business English teachers. Their expertise is refreshed every term through specialized courses (Workshops) on new techniques and methodologies (video, pronunciation, classroom drama techniques, etc.) and by attending committees and seminars. All staff strive to constantly assess their performance and improve with the help of feedback from students and suggestions from the director, the coordinator and other members of the team.

All of our academic staff has been selected, trained in the Callan Method and supervised by our school in central London

profesores 2017/2018

The Team Callan

profesores 2015

Alison Jones International coach Callan Method London ,
with some members of Team Callan Barcelona.

profesores 2013

Alison Jones and Gabin Best, International coaches Callan Method London,
with some members of Team Callan Barcelona.

profesores 2015

profesores 2015

The Callan Team.