Our Super-Intensive course is the course you need to learn or improve your English once and for all, in just two weeks.

Why choose Callan School? Because you will get results from the first day, and constantly practice what you learn.

Is our 24-hour Super-Intensive Online English course right for you?

If you want to learn English in record time, our 24 hours a week Super-Intensive English course is exactly what you need. Do you only have two weeks? That´s all you need. We will help you make the most of it.

The Callan 24-hour Super-Intensive English course is tailor-made for students who need results very quickly. With the Callan method and this accelerated course, which combines private and group classes, you will start speaking English the way you have always wanted to very quickly.

Our 24-hour Super-Intensive English course in Barcelona is right for you if:

  • You need to achieve results in record time.
  • You only have two weeks or a month to learn or improve your English.
  • You are looking for a teaching method that guarantees results.
  • You want to notice how you are improving from the first day.
  • You need to speak English, not just learn grammar but not know how to use it.
  • You don´t just want to talk in English, you want to think in English too.

We guarantee that our Callan 24-hour Super-Intensive English course will help you get the results you want in just two weeks. How? We use an accelerated teaching method with a 100% practice-oriented focus, so you will be constantly assimilating and practicing everything you learn in a fun and enjoyable environment.

Our 24-hour Super-Intensive English course offers you the following:

  • Results right from the start.
  • Six hours of class a day from Monday to Thursday.
  • Native teachers.
  • A 100% practice-oriented focus.
  • A fun and enjoyable teaching method.
  • Accelerated conversational method.
  • Courses for all levels.
  • A combination of private and group classes.
  • Catch-up classes for missed lessons.
  • Payment plan: 3 months interest-free financing.
  • Free Callan Club activities in any of our programs: Seminars, Conversation Clubs, Official Exam Preparation, Practice for job interview and CV preparation, Presentations, Survival Classes in English and much more!

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When can I register?

Our next 24 hours a week Super-Intensive English course in Barcelona starts every Monday.

You will have to take a free test before starting so we can find out what your level of English is.


Fractionated: payment in 3 months financed without interest.