Small class sizes

Características y ventajas del Callan Method

The English Courses are formed by groups with an average of 5-6 students (maximum 10), grouped according to level of understanding and rate of learning. This system effectively promotes student-teacher interaction and involves all students equally.

Customized courses

Here at Callan school of English, the student is the centre of attention; he can choose the duration of his course, select an intensive or extensive course, and create a timetable that is most suitable to his own lifestyle and needs.

Flexible timetable

At Callan School of English the classes last either two hours or one hour and a half, with a ten minute break after the first hour. At Callan School of English classes run from 8am to 10pm, including lunch time, so there are plenty of options to find a time that suits you. If you can’t attend a class, there’s no problem as you can recuperate it during the week without any additional charge.

Course start and duration

At Callan School of English each student’s programme is tailored to the time he has available to study, his needs and his reasons for learning English. The student may begin at the start of the term or he may choose to start whenever he has time available. There are typically 30 hours in a Callan stage, but this can be tailored to the student’s specific requests.

Grupos reducidos en Callan School Barcelona

Paying pain-free

At Callan School of English there is no obligation to pay anually. The student can pay at the beginning of a term, or monthly for the one-to-one classes, one-to-two classes and superintensive courses. At Callan School of English, English is always within reach.

The method

This is a method exclusively for learning English quickly and effectively. It is a very dynamic approach to the learning process. The student not only speaks directly in English but also thinks in English.

Learning quickly

The method is based on controlled, guided and very quick questions and answers. The student, thus, has no time to think in his own language and immediately uses English. Because of this, understanding and speaking English with us is simple and, most importantly, fast.

Rotation of teachers

At Callan School of English we have a system of rotating different teachers, all of them native speakers. In this way, the different accents of English pose less of a problem and the lesson is rendered more stimulating as it presents situations more like those one encounters in reality.

Definite results

Every student can be certain of being able to speak, understand and express themselves in English, constantly evaluating their own progress. The programme is structured in seven phases (Books 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) and in accordance with internationally recognised standards.

Guaranteed success

If any of our students who are studying for the Cambridge examinations fail, they will receive classes totally free until they succeed. WE GUARANTEE THIS IN WRITING.