Curso Subvencionado Fundación Tripartita

Our company language courses may be funded or subsidized by the European Social Fund through the Fundación Tripartita for Training in Employment.

Each year your company has assigned credit and it can be used to train their employees.

Callan School of English we manage the company provide the necessary information as well as the processing and management, so that the process of obtaining bonuses is as quick and simple as possible. If not used, is lost.

Any course offered by the School can sprout Callan free!

Learn and take credit for training your company to study an English course at Callan School.

A minimum of 7 calendar days required to make the notification before the course starts.

Request a free placement test without commitment, once we have your level and course you want to perform and reclaim, the head of Callan School grants will be in touch with you to start the process.

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