Conditions Courses Spanish

  • CALLAN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH, S.L. (CIF B63257935) puts at the disposal of students the teaching staff and educational techniques considered most suitable for the objectives of each course, and thus, achieve the best educational outcomes.
  • A student enrolled on a course is understood to occupy a place for the whole course and is under obligation to pay the full course fee; in the event that he cannot attend the classes for any reason he has no recourse to a refund or formal complaint.
  • Each class hour consists of 50 minutes of class and a 10-minute break.
  • If you wish to make up a lesson, please contact reception and they will advise you of the best time and group in which to do so, provided there is a space available.
  • Group lessons can be made up only within the current course (i.e. week, month or term depending on the course) and providing there are places available.
  • The private and semi-private course classes can only be made up if notice is given 48 hours in advance and only within the current course (maximum 2 x 1.5-hr changes or 1 x 3-hr change).
  • Intensive and Superintensive Courses Callan 10/15 courses must be contracted for consecutive weeks to benefit from the discounts applied. In these courses, private classes cannot be changed or cancelled and must always be at a fixed time.
  • Courses will only be certified for students who have a minimum of 75% attendance, have presented the total of 4 compositions (in the relevant levels) and attained at least 60 % in the exam.
  • Discounts on Carnet Jove, Erasmus or Au Pair courses are not cumulative with other discounts.
  • Callan School reserves the right not to open and/or to close a group if it does not reach the minimum number of students (4).
  • Callan School reserves the right to use photos and videos made during students’ time with us. Students should know that they may appear in promotional material, unless, upon arrival at the school, the student explicitly states that they do not wish to appear.
  • Calendar of holidays and non-school days: Cannot be recovered or made up on extensive group courses (as they are already taken into account). Can be made up for weekly courses.
    • Columbus Day: October 12, 2022
    • All Saints: November 1, 2022
    • Non-teaching: December 5, 2022
    • Constitution Day: December 6, 2022
    • Immaculate Conception: December 8, 2022
    • Christmas: from December 23, 2022 to January 1, 2023 (both inclusive)
    • Non-teaching for groups: January 2 to 10, 2023 (both inclusive)
    • Holy Week: from April 3 to 10, 2023 (both inclusive)
    • Non-teaching for groups: April 11, 2023
    • Labour Day: May 1, 2023
    • Easter Granada: May 29, 2023
  • With the Callan 10 Intensive and Callan 15 Superintensive courses, holidays will not be taken into account as they are paid for by the week.
  • Exams, exercises or any other material that has been handed in by the students are destroyed after three months, therefore, modifying any results will not be possible once this time has elapsed.
  • For the safety and convenience of all students, and due to the impossibility of providing sufficient space in the centre, bringing bicycles, tricycles and skateboards of any size (including foldable ones) into the school is prohibited.

Material and copyright

  • Course material is included in the course fees. In case of loss or theft of the same, the student must pay 30 euros for a replacement.
  • The total or partial reproduction of any material (Books or Audios, Exercises, etc.) of the Callan Method is forbidden because it is protected under copyright law.

Payment and cancellations

  • If a student suspends his classes once the course has begun, he must pay the fee in full and he will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.
  • Failure to attend the classes does not exempt a student from payment of the fee under any circumstances.
  • No amounts will be refunded once the course has been paid for under any circumstances.
  • The prices shown are rates per person.
  • Payment by installment will not be accepted.
  • Enrollment in a course does not mean the student automatically reserves a place in subsequent courses.

Cancellation policy due to denial of visa or denial of visa extension:

IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL YOUR COURSE because you have been denied a visa, you must send us a written request, a photocopy of your passport, and a copy of the visa denial.

  • CANCELLATION IF YOU SEND US the official Visa denial document.
    If you cancel more than 15 working days before the first day of the course contracted with the school, we will reimburse you the entire course fees minus 100 € (for administrative costs).
    If you cancel less than 15 working days before the first day of the course contracted with the school, we will reimburse you for 75% of the course paid minus 100 € (for administrative costs).
  • CANCELLATION without the official Visa denial document.
    If you cancel once the course has been paid for: if a student suspends his classes once the course has been paid, he must pay for it in full and this will not be refunded under any circumstances, nor will it be transferred to another course later.

The act of enrollment indicates acceptance of and agreement to abide by these terms and conditions.


Data Protection

Organisation Responsible For Data Protection
Organisation: Callan School of English, S.L.
Address: 1st Floor, 472 Av. DIAGONAL, Barcelona
Telephone: 934155452

Purpose of processing your personal data

The purpose of data processing will be to manage requests or enquiries made through the website either through contact form or any other type of online form, or through a request by email. Such requests may be, without limitation, the management of a request, responses to a request for commercial information, applications for employment or, where appropriate, sign-up to company newsletters, as well as any other interaction between the user of the website and CALLAN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH, SL that meet the user’s need. All the information sought is necessary to be able to fulfil these requests.

Likewise, the data provided will also be processed to send you commercial information about our products and services that may be of interest to you, by post, e-mail, SMS, or any other equivalent means of electronic communication. If the user does not want to receive the aforementioned information, he will have the opportunity to opt out of being sent commercial information, either by checking the corresponding box on the information or contact form itself, or by exercising his right of opposition at the above address.

Access to this website may involve the use of cookies. Cookies are small amounts of information that are stored in the user’s browser, so that the server records information that can be used in subsequent visits. The information stored enables the identification of a specific user and includes information about your preferences, pages you visit, etc. If you do not wish to allow the installation of cookies on your computer, you must configure your browser for this purpose.

Conservation time

Information relating to your person will be kept for the duration of the commercial relationship, or the interest for which you are reading the current policy (for example, if you have sent a CV, or you have subscribed to a newsletter) as long as you do not request the deletion of your data, and at least, during the limitation period of the actions that may arise in relation to this contract, as well as during the time required relating to any complaint or enquiry that we may receive from official bodies in compliance with legislative norms.

Information to send you commercial messages

Personal data provided for the sending of commercial messages will continue to be retained until you revoke the consent, all without prejudice to your right of withdrawal or opposition.

Legal basis for processing of your data

The legal basis for the processing of your data is the realization of the commercial relationship in which you are a part, so that we can manage, develop and control the corresponding commercial and contractual relationship. All the information that we request from you is of an obligatory nature, so neglect to provide some data may make it impossible to provide the services we offer through our website.

In relation to sending commercial messages by electronic means – following a prior contractual relationship – the legal basis is the legitimate interest of CALLAN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH, S.L. under article 21.2 of the Law of Services of Information Societies.

In relation to the sending of commercial messages by any means, including electronic ones – regardless of any contractual relationship, but based on a legitimate interest since you address the organisation – the legal basis is the consent that is requested at the approproate moment and that you give freely. If we do not obtain your consent, CALLAN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH, S.L. promises not to handle your data for advertising purposes.

Communication or transfer of data and international data transfer

CALLAN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH, S.L. may communicate your personal data to those public administrations with power over the matter and in the case that there is a legal obligation to do so.

However, if at any time in the commercial relationship it is necessary to communicate your data to third parties for new purposes, such communication will be made when CALLAN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH, S.L. has your prior consent for this and in the legally required manner.

There may also be third parties, responsible for data handling, which, as a result of services provided to CALLAN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH, S.L. can access your personal data.

We do not carry out any international transfer of your personal data.


Anyone has the right to obtain confirmation on whether at CALLAN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH, S.L. we are processing personal data that concerns you, and in such case, right of access to your personal data, for the purposes of processing, and to the categories of personal data in question.

Likewise, you will have the right to request the rectification of inaccurate data or, where appropriate, request its deletion when, the data is no longer necessary for the purposes that it was collected; the consent on which processing is based or against processing has been withdrawn; personal data has been treated unlawfully; or must be abolished in order to fulfil a legal obligation established in the law of the European Union or of the Member States.

You can request the limitation of the processing of your data when: you challenge the accuracy of your personal data during the period that allows the responsible party to verify the accuracy of the same; the processing is unlawful and the interested party opposes the deletion of personal data and requests instead the limitation of its use; the person in charge no longer needs the personal data for the purposes of data handling, but the interested party needs it for the formulation, exercise or the defense of claims; or the interested party has opposed the treatment, while verifying if the legitimate reasons of the person in charge prevail over those of the interested party. In such cases, we will only keep the data for the exercise or defense of claims.

In certain circumstances and for reasons related to your particular situation, you may object to the processing of your data. CALLAN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH, S.L. will stop processing the data, except for compelling legitimate reasons, or the exercise or defense of possible complaints or legal claims.

Additionally, in the exercise of the attendant rights to portability, you will have the right to receive personal data that concerns you, and that you have provided, in a structured format, and transmit it to another data handler without being prevented by the manager who had already facilitated them as long as processing is based on consent; or processing is carried out by automated means.

When affected persons exercise the rights of access, rectification, deletion and opposition, limitation of data processing, portability of data and not being subject to automated individualized decisions, they must communicate it by email to the address

Finally, in the terms established in the current legislation; the consents that have been provided may be revoked, giving the interested persons the possibility of presenting a claim or complaint before the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.


The personal information we process at CALLAN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH, S.L. comes from the interested party.

Additional information

Users guarantee and are responsible for, in any case, the veracity, accuracy, validity, and authenticity of the personal data provided, and undertake to keep them properly updated. Likewise, users confirm that they are over 14 years old.

In the event that personal data is provided by persons who do not own them, the user must, prior to their inclusion, inform said persons of the points contained in the preceding paragraphs. In these cases, the user guarantees that the person whose information is provided is over 14 years old and that the information is accurate and truthful. CALLAN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH, S.L. will be exempt from any responsibility for the breach of these requirements by the user.

CALLAN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH, S.L. has adopted the legally required personal data protection security levels, and has installed all the means and technical measures available according to the current state of technology to avoid loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of facilitated personal data.

The user has the confidentiality and duty of secrecy of the employees of CALLAN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH, S.L. and of all those who process the data in the name of and on behalf of the same. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the user is aware of the possibility that the security of communications over the network is not invulnerable.