With the new year comes good resolutions, and one of the most recurrent is to learn English. Many people often put off this desire due to lack of time. However, in this case we have an alternative that we often overlook: intensive courses, with the advantages and benefits of which we are analyzing today.


The benefits of Intensive English Courses – Callan School of English:

    – You optimize your time. What you would normally do in three months with an extensive course you can do in a few weeks.

    – You do not have time to leave studying for the next day. Laziness is our greatest enemy when we want to learn English, but with intensive courses it has less time to attack. We cannot leave it for tomorrow, since tomorrow we will have class again, which forces us to study every day.

    – It becomes a habit, and therefore lighter. It is good to see a crash course as an occupation, a job that we will dedicate ourselves to body and soul for the next few weeks. As it is something we do every day, and therefore much more regularly, we will get used to it quickly and perhaps it will cost us less than going to class once or twice a week.

    – Results seem faster. Obviously, by having the classes more concentrated, our progress from the first day will be more palpable and the difference between the first and the last day will be clearer.

    – You become more involved and you are more concentrated, as it is something to which you dedicate a good part of your time in a much more regular and constant way and it forces you to locate yourself more by having a shorter duration of time.


At Callan School Barcelona you can choose between intensive courses of 60 hours (face to face or online con tu profesor en vivo y en directo) and super-intensive courses of 12, 24 o 36 hours. With the Callan Method you will learn English with an accelerated conversational method in a 100% practical, agile and fun way. All of this with the following amenities: free registration, the possibility of recovering the classes you have not been able to attend and financing for three months without interest.


Our intensive and super-intensive courses are ideal for you if:

  • You don’t want to get stuck in theory and you want to speak English now.
  • You need results and progress very quickly.
  • You only have a maximum of one month to learn or improve your English.
  • You want to find another way to learn English that motivates you from day one.

No lo dudes y ven a conocer nuestros diferentes cursos de inglés, sólo tienes que solicitar cita y realizar una prueba de nivel, gratuita y sin compromiso, y te mostraremos todos los tipos de cursos.


J. Soler
Callan Team