When it comes to learning English, we all make certain mistakes more than others. This is what we know as “fossilization”, a process by which the student internalizes an error in such a way that it remains “embedded” as if it were a fossil. These errors or mistakes, of course, are difficult to get rid of once they become fossilized and are the most frequent reason why we do not manage to attain the level we are aiming for.

At Callan School Barcelona, fighting against the fossilization of errors is one of our main focuses of attention: that is why we always correct all your mistakes in our classes – whether they are lexical, grammatical or phonological – systematically and immediately after they occur. It is only by this tecnique that we are able to soften the fossilized mistake and eventually stop you from making it altogether. Furthermore, we do this at all times, whether during the guided conversation with the teacher or when reading aloud: the teacher always corrects each and every one of your mistakes.

We invite you to watch these demonstration video where you can see how we systematically and instantly correct students’ mistakes in our classes.

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Jordi S.
Callan Team

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