Starting January 1, 2022 the requirements for working, studying and living in the United Kingdom are much more restrictive. The transition period that occurred after the country left the European Union on February 1, 2021 has come to an end, and now we must look at what we must do in order to move to the UK.

Due to the new immigration law, European Union citizens must demonstrate that they have an intermediate level of English (B1 or higher) if they wish to take up residence in the UK. Along with a job offer in accordance with what you are trained to do or have studied, a B1 level (or higher) of English is a fundamental prerequisite for obtaining a work visa. It accounts for 10 of the 70 points required, according to the new point-based immigration system.


So if you are considering moving to the UK but believe that you do not have a B1 level, it is time to start studying! And if you have never studied English before, don’t worry, it is never too late.

As we can see in the following table, a B1 level of English mainly corresponds to stages5 and 6 of the Callan Method.

Let’s go over the abilities we will acquire at a B1 level:

  • Writing simple coherent texts about topics that we are interested in or that are familiar to us.
  • Speaking about experiences, wishes, goals and events.
  • Explaining plans and justifying opinions.
  • Dealing with unexpected things that come up during travel.
  • Understanding the main points of texts about standard topics that we are unfamiliar with, like studies, work, or hobbies.

    Are you planning on moving to the UK? Do you need to speak English because you are going to work there? Would you like to do some sight seeing but don’t dare due to your fear of the language?

    Whatever the reason may be, at Callan School Barcelona we have a course that fits your needs, a course in which you will learn English in the fastest, most dynamic and entertaining way possible.


    Jordi N.
    Callan Team

    Traduction by A. Edstrom

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