The four pillars of a Callan lesson 

Los pilares del Método Callan

A Callan lesson combines two concepts: teaching agility and constant interaction between teacher and pupil, to ensure that the student starts to use of English themselves in the shortest time possible.

The structure of a lesson in the Callan Method is organized into four steps:

Guided Conversation

Fast-paced revision on vocabulary taught in previous lessons via a series of questions and answers. The student tries to break the habit of mental translation and use the linguistic resources they are acquiring, with special attention to phonetic accuracy, and the correct use of grammatical structure. Check video

Shared Reading

In this section the student(s) reads a guided text aloud, constantly under the supervision of the teacher; the objective of this part of the lesson is for the student to recognise written text whilst at the same time correcting possible any mistakes in pronunciation and intonation. Check video


The student writes down a short dictation given by the teacher, based on the vocabulary they have previously studied; in this part of the class, the student practises writing in English, having recognized and used the language orally. This short dictation is corrected by the student himself, with the support of the educational course material. Check video

Introduction of New Vocabulary

The last part of the class sees the introduction of new vocabulary; the teacher teaches new words, explains their meaning and use in English, and then presents them in a series of new questions. The objective is for the student to absorb the new vocabulary and begin mastering its use in a realistic context… Check video