Callan Method, Step Two

Repasando conceptos- Callan Method

This step polishes what students have learnt, correcting phonetical or usage errors in words or constructions.

The key aspects on which students will work are:

Repeat and Remember

Everything learnt must be periodically reviewed, until the students start using the acquired knowledge spontaneously. This way, it will be easier to answer every time and the constructions of phrases will be achieved with much more fluency.

Improve pronunciation

Using the question-answer system, the teacher corrects any pronunciation and intonation errors that arise and suggests vocabulary when necessary.

Speed and automatism

Once again, speed comes into play. This way, students manage to answer automatically in English, not having to think in their own language first and then mentally translate into English. As a result, we can avoid repeating “parrot-fashion” or using incorrect grammatical constructions.

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