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Callan helps education in Anantapur, authentic vehicle of change

Callan School y fundación Vicente Ferrer

Callan School of English, in partnership with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, is launching a campaign to help the most discriminated communities of Anantapur (India), through the construction of a school in the village of Singepalli. Therefore we are beginning to work with the Foundation’s integral development programme, in one of India’s most disadvantaged regions.

Callan shares the Foundation’s belief that education is basic and necessary for the development of the community and to enable change. For this reason, Callan School of English will finance the construction of a school in the town of Singepalli, located in the Kanekal area (in the Uravakonda region of the Indian district of Anantapur) with the active involvement of the whole local community.

Niños de camino a clase

Picture of an average student body of three young pupils in front of a rural school.
Author: © Nagappa

Profesor en una escuela rural

Teacher giving a class in a rural school.
Author: © Nagappa

The educative program of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation began more than 30 years ago. One of its main objectives was to avoid the problems of adaptation and the at that time great difference in the level of basic education and the ´Three Rs’ between the children of the most disadvantaged castes (dálits or ‘untouchables’; tribal groups; and the ‘backward castes’), and those of the ‘higher’ castes. Out of this need, the Foundation’s complementary schools were born, wherein disadvantaged children receive the necessary base to support and optimize their studies in the government schools, with which they can improve their position in Indian society. Students attend the schools for two hours in the morning and two in the evening, before and after attending the government school.

In the Singepalli school complementary education will be provided to children between six and eleven years of age. In addition, it will also function as a community centre for the population, where local residents will be able to meet and deal with issues that affect the whole community. In this way it will promote a stronger bond and feeling of cohesion between different parts of the local community.

Niñas haciendo ejercicios

Group of young students during a class in a rural school.
Author: © Nagappa

Niños en una clase

Young student doing an exercise on the board during a class in a rural school.
Author: © Nagappa

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